This video from Stanford Graduate School of Business is a very useful explanation of how to manage your career progression.

It focuses on executive career development, however, the points discussed are relevant across all levels.

There is some very useful information on how to understand and use Recruiters to your advantage as well as how to negotiate compensation and time your career moves.

If you are looking to get promoted or move into a bigger job then this is well worth a watch.

A couple of interesting takeaways around how recruitment and search firms work.

16 min – Many people that work within Recruitment firms don’t really understand how the industry works and importantly how you can benefit from it.

17.50 – Recruiters work for clients and work exclusively for clients.  This is a very good explanation of the way that recruitment companies operate.  This topic is not often discussed as it’s hard to articulate.

There are lots of other very interesting topics discussed like career management and the use of LinkedIn.

If you are or are going to be active in your job search then it is definitely worth a watch.